OC Elite is proud of each of our Alumni. Proving commitment on and off the field opens the doors to opportunities and builds a rock-solid foundation for success


NCAA Division 1 Recruits

Jessica Bever – St. Mary’s College of California

Ashlyn Campbell – Delaware State University

Cindy Cherness – Bucknell University

Jessica Cherness – Brown University

Alexa Chattleon – Sacramento State University

Katie Cochran – University of California Davis

Taylor Cox – Ball State

Jennifer Esteban – University of Lousiville

Meagan Esteban – University of California Riverside

Krysta Fauria – Wagner University

Misty Finlay – California State Bakersfield

Kelsey Hom – Brown University

Nicki Jacobucci – California State Chico

Shelby Jones – University of Delaware

Trina Kindred – Howard University

Emilee Koerner – University of Norte Dame

Jen Kries – Brown University

Via Leivanos – California State of San Bernardino

Halle Luna – University of California Riverside

Katlyn Mann – University of Louisville

Eileen McCann – Iona College

Tiffany Mills – University of Lousiana Monroe

Tiffany Mills – Utah Valley University

Jamie North – Utah Valley University

Liana Ogata – Bryant University

Megan Penneau – North Dakota State University

Jodi Petersen – Iona College

Amanda Robinson – Utah Valley University

Taylor Schmidt – McNeese State

Meagan Sloggett – Brown University

Courtney Slye – Fairleigh Dickinson University

Dana Waldusky – University of California Davis

Dand Waldusky – Loyola Marymount University

Sydney Weedon – Manhattan College

Brittany Witts – Indiana Tech

Emma Woo – Tennessee Tech University

Jade Villamore – University of California

Emma Woo – Rutgers University Riverside

NCAA Division 2 Recruits

Kelly Bosshart – University of Colorado Springs

Ashlyn Campbell – Cal State San Marcos

Sarah DiTommaso – Cal State San Marco

Joelle Erickson – Felician College

Christina Hunter – Delta State University

Claire Molina – Angelo State University

Kristin Omori – University of California San Diego

Star White – Cal Baptist University

NCAA Division 3 Recruits

Raven Freret – University of La Verne

Sam Mellano – Whittier College

NAIA Recruits

Kat Daskolos – La Sierra University

Ashley Spadt – Biola University

Junior College Recruits

Sydney Abounassar – Saddleback College

Anne Blue – Saddleback College

Ariel Carrillo – Saddleback College

Sierra Cobo – Saddleback College

Chelsea Crossman – Mount San Antonio College

Holly Hitzeman – Midland College

Claire Molina – Midland College

Christina Pantages – Saddleback College

Kelsey Penneau – Iowa Central College

Megan Penneau - Midland College

Dani Santo – Saddleback College


Letters from the Alumni...

OC Elite Alumni Jessica Cherness

My name is Jessica Cherness (yes, Cindy who is below is my sister) and I want to share with you how my sophomore year at Brown University is going. To start off, it is COMPLETELY different than the beginning of freshman year. While all the excitement of meeting about 1000 new people a day is a great, once in a lifetime experience only college freshman get to experience; it was really nice for me to get to school and…

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OC Elite Alumni Liana Ogata

Hello OC Elite players, coaches and families! My name is Liana Ogata and I go to Bryant University in Rhode Island. I just finished my first week of classes, and I’m not going to lie, college is . Truthfully, I didn’t know what to expect during my first week here. I was constantly worrying about professors, classes, friendships and time management but I’ve realized that once you start getting into a regular schedule, it doesn’t seem so bad. My professors absolutely love athletes and want to help us in any way…

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OC Elite Alumni Cindy Cherness

All of that happened before actual school even started though. It’s crazy how different college is from what I expected. In all honesty, you aren’t even in class for very long. I’m only in class for maybe a few hours a day. YOU have to choose what to do with the rest of your time. There are no parents or adults there to tell you what to do, so you have to take care of your own life. You have a crazy amount of free time, and if you don’t do something productive with that free time, it’s gonna come back to bite you. It’s very distracting with all of the…

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OC Elite Alumi Shelby Jones                       

Hello OC Elite softball players and parents, if you don’t already know me my name is Shelby Jones and I started playing for OC Elite when I was fourteen and finished with it through my senior year. I am a freshman at the University of Delaware and must admit there has been a big change to my life and it has only been a week. Iam starting to get into the swing of things but you definitely have to learn fast because you are on your own. I am definitely having the time of my life and I can’t wait to…

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